The Enchanted Cottage of Oceania

Vestibulum Aliquam


Copyright © 2010- 2015 R. Marion Troy and Pixie Carlisle


"My point exactly.

Like some of

these nuns

don't fly to town

on broomsticks.

"It sounds



and not


on the level......

but I like it."



Harper Leigh and Leigh Harper Reynolds aren't your average 14-year-old identical twins. Twelve years ago, their father Chester was abducted from the Bell Tower at the Enchanted College of Oceania, a school for children and young adults with Strange and Unusual Magical Abilities.

The Reynolds twins are determined to find their father. The first task on their quest involves capturing ghosts. This is a dangerous task indeed as angry spirits are hard to capture and even harder to control!

The Reynolds girls never have a dull moment and neither do our readers!

When you live in a town notorious for an unsolved murder, AND your father has been kidnapped by Other World Magic, AND your mother runs a school for children with Odd & Unusual Gifts, AND there are angry ghosts in your basement, AND your idential twin sister can read your mind,

anything can happen.....


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Pixie Carlisle and R. Marion Troy

Dear Enchanted Cottage Readers,

As if hostile ghosts weren't enough, the twins are sophomores at the all-girls Catholic, Academy of the Sacred Names. From "The Royals", to detention, and first crushes, Harper and Leigh must balance the precarious corridors of high school with their paranormal mission and a decades old mystery in the sleepy town of Oceania, Maryland.